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The Best Tortilla In The Nation!

Here at Natural Grains tortillas we strive to be best tasting yet healthy tortillas in the market by keeping everything as simple as 5 ingredients or less, all natural, and non GMO using authentic Mexican recipes.

A Blended Blog

Our recipe blog is made of meat and plant based recipes for everyones needs and likes. Always using high quality ingredients for healthy tasty meals.

Quality Is Our Main Priority

Natural Grains uses, top quality ingredients. Assuring that all of our tortillas are 100% all natural, plant based and non-GMO. Always made with love just how food was meant to be.

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Do you want to eat healthy while enjoying it?

If you currently have :

  • Cholesterol

  • Diabetes

  • Stomach aches

  • Headaches

Or if you

  • are in a diet

  • want to start eating healthy

  • want healthy food with great taste

then you have found the right product!

Natural Grains Tortillas are for you!

Please reference the following to learn more of why we do what we do 

How it all began ...

Born out of necessity early 2011 we started as La Tauna Tortillas, a family owned and operated business located in Tucson AZ . Our ( Francisco and Diana's ) son (Jonathan) had been ill for years and part of the solution was healthier eating habits that included whole grains & no preservatives. We were accustomed to the taste, aroma and feel of homemade tortillas but were not able to find any healthy good tasting tortillas locally or on the internet . After a failed quest for healthy and good tasting tortillas, I (Diana) decided to work with an old family recipe until I created a very healthy & delicious recipe of my own. Me and my husband Francisco, decided to open La Tauna Tortillas in June of 2011;  when our local community food bank farmers market opened their doors to us. We had an immediate acceptance by the public, and 4 months later we were in all local Sprouts Farmers Markets and our local CO-OP, from there we went to manufacturing private labels for other natural health stores in all AZ and NM, all within a year of opening. After being 5 years in the market we noticed that even natives from Mexico where not familiar with the meaning of our brand name La Tauna (stone mill) and most couldn't even enunciate it therefore we decided to change our name to something easier to remember and that would relate to our products. This is how we became Natural Grains Tortillas

a little about me..

I  was raised in Mexico making tortillas by hand and know first hand how a real tortilla should taste, feel and smell. Although our recipes are always innovating and healthy they never lose the true taste, texture and aroma of a real tortilla from Mexico.

Natural Grains Tortillas offers all natural healthy tortillas to meet customers various needs and wants . All of our products are vegan, all natural, no preservatives, no additives, absolutely no hydrogenated oils or animal byproducts. Our tortillas are always soft, even when refrigerated, never flake or brake as you roll them and the aroma is truly authentic, just as a tortillas should be. 

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