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Healthy Whole Wheat Tortillas | All Natural | Non-GMO | Plant Based | 4 Ingr.

Healthy Whole Wheat Tortillas | All Natural | Non-GMO | Plant Based | 4 Ingr.


Delicious Whole Wheat Tortillas | Made with ONLY 4 Ingredients | All Natural | Authentic Mexican Recipe | Plant Based | Non-GMO | No Artificial Preservatives or Additives | No Cholesterol | No MSG's | No Hydrogenated Oils | No Trans Fats |


The best all natural, non gmo, whole wheat tortillas!! Made with safflower oil, soft and pliable perfect with almost anything!


8.5" Whole Wheat Tortillas (1 dozen packages 17oz) available in 5, and 10 dozen packs.


Whole Wheat Whole Grain Tortilla Ingredients :

Whole wheat whole grain flour, water, safflower oil,  & salt.




  • After receiving your tortillas unpack them and gently fold the entire package front and back to release tortillas since settling occurs with travel.
  • FREEZE what you will NOT use in the next 15 days, and make sure what you leave for consumtion is always refrigerated.

Expiration Date goes as follow:

Non refrigerated 5 to 8 days 

Refrigerated 20-25 days 

Frozen 6-9 months

To reheat tortillas heat up a skillet or pan until steam/heat is visible and heat on each side for about 7 second, remove and serve.



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