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White Corn Tortilla ONLY for Chips | 6" | Organic Non GMO | $1.82 x dz | 12 dz


Made for frying!! Perfect for homemade tortilla chips, taco shells, tostadas, tortilla strips, salad strips and much more!!! These are done within seconds absorbing the least amount of oil! 


Delicious White Corn Tortillas | Made with 2 Ingredients | All Natural | Authentic Mexican Recipe | Organic | Vegan | Non-GMO | Naturally Gluten Free | No Preservatives or Additives | No Cholesterol | No MSG's | No Oils |


12 doz 6" inch CORN tortilla ONLY for CHIPS or frying (Organic Non-GMO ingredients / $1.82 per doz / 2 dz pks)


We only use Certified Organic and Non GMO corn masa flour to make our tortillas.




Our tortillas FREEZE excellent! Freeze for up to 3 months!


6 packs (2dzn per pack) 144 tortillas


 Corn Tortillas for Chips Ingredients :

Coarse organic, non GMO, white corn masa flour, water, with a trace lime. 

  • Product Care and Storage

    After receiving our tortillas unpack them and cut open only what you will use. Once vaccum seal is broken gently fold the entire package front and back to release tortillas since settling occurs with travel. You may have to realease them a few at a time. Tortillas will not break don't be afraid but do be gentle.

    To reheat tortillas quickly place under running water, shake water off and place on a skillet or pan (heat up pan until steam/heat is visible) and heat on each side for about 7 seconds or until they soften up. They could bubble up which is ok.

    Disregard any tortillas not used after reheating.

    It is recommended that tortillas are always refrigerated or frozen.

    Preferably do not microwave to defrost. Thaw overnight for best results.

    Immediately after receiving freeze tortillas that will not be used within 10 days.


    Tortillas will last:

    Non refrigerated 2 to 3 days 

    Refrigerated 10 days  

    Frozen 3 months

  • Shipping Info

    Cutoff time for same day shipping orders is 2:30 pm MST 

    We ship via USPS 2-3 day priority mail

    Due to our products not containing any preservatives or additives we only ship Monday thru Wednesday if order is received by 2:30 pm MST

    ​Shipping days exception for AZ, CA, NV, UT, CO and NM. Order for these states will ship Monday thru Thursday if order is received by 2:30 pm MST


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