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Breakfast Potatoes

Crispy with a kick of spice!!!


Serves 2

-2 Large potatoes

-1/4 of a sm. onion

-1/4 of a bell pepper

-1/2 tbs of garlic salt

-1/4 tbs of black pepper

-1/4 tbs of chili powder


Warm up a skillet to medium heat with a tablespoon of safflower oil. Wash and dice the potatoes, cut the the onion in small chunks and the bell pepper in thin strips. Once the oil is hot throw in the potatoes and cover. Let them cook on one side for about 7 minutes, once gold side flip and repeat adding the remaining ingredients. Let them cook for about 5 more minutes and stir it all together. Let them crisp up to your preference. Top of with eggs your choice and our delicious tortillas!


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