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Dear valued customers,


Lets us begin by apologizing for all the delayed responses. These are very hard and trying times, as a small family owned and operated company. These unprecedented times almost drove us out of business; but we are happy to announce that we are doing our best to pull through and continue to deliver our products to all of our loyal customers.


Below you will find and update on why our products have been out of stock, whats coming up for Natural Grains, as well as how to order directly if you can no longer wait for tortillas!

Out Of Stock 

As most of you know, all of our products have been "Out of stock" since May 11, 2020. We were force to make this decision due a high volume of packages getting lost in the mail and spoiling due to summer temperatures. As well as a shortage with our supply of organic non-GMO corn. 

In the 8 years that we have been shipping nationwide, we have always had a 3-4% defective rate but with our "100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back" policy we strive to keep all customers beyond satisfied; but a high rate of complains and packaging concerns to Amazon directly put our company's name and reputation at risk forcing us to stay offline for a couple of months.

Upcoming Months 

These past couple of months have been really hard, the idea of losing our family business of 9 years was terrifying, but hearing all the wonderful things all of you had to say about our products gave us the motivation to keep doing our best.

Therefore in the upcoming months we will be starting our own cooking channel and blog with delicious and healthy recipes. We will also be back online (late August) with new insulated packaging for all of our products, and we will be releasing a variety of new products.

Need More Tortillas?

We have tons of messages asking when can they order again? That's why we decided to start direct sales for our loyal customers ONLY. These orders will ship in the old packaging and we'll keep our old price. Please keep in mind that once we are back online you will see a slight increase in our tortillas due to the new insulated packaging.

To place your order you need to email us at  using the format below:


Name: John Doe

Shipping Address: 1234 Main Ave, Tucson AZ 85719

Order: 12 Dozens of Whole Wheat

          5 Dozens of Flour Tortillas

          6 Dozens of Blue Corn


Once your order is submitted you will receive and invoice with a secure link where you will pay. If your invoice is paid by 2:00 PM MST, your order will ship same day. Remember that for the safety of our products we only ship Mon-Wed.

Products Available

8in White Flour 5 Dozen Pack - $25.80

8in Whole Wheat 5 Dozen Pack - $25.40

8in Whole Wheat 10 Dozen Pack - $46.66

8in Whole Wheat 12 Dozen Pack - $50


12 in Whole Wheat Wraps 2 Dozen Pack- $25.69

12 in Whole Wheat Wraps 4 Dozen Pack - $44.00

12 in Whole Wheat Wraps 8 Dozen Pack - $80


6in Org. Non-GMO White Corn 6 Dozen Pack- $24.80

6in Org. Non-GMO Blue Corn 6 Dozen Pack- $25.50

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